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Worst Hailstorm Hits Colorado After More Than 20 Years

Worst Hailstorm Hits Colorado After More Than 20 Years

Homeowners in El Paso County have experienced the worst hailstorm bringing extensive damages after 23 years. The most affected areas were Fountain and Black Forest, Colorado. The hailstorm happened last June 13 between 1 am to 3 am.

Homeowners in El Paso County have experienced the worst hailstorm bringing extensive damages after 23 years. The most affected areas were Fountain and Black Forest, Colorado. The hailstorm happened last June 13 between 1 am to 3 am.

According to the statistics given by the National Weather Service (NWS), “it was the strongest overnight hail storm in El Paso County in more than 20 years.”

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In addition, “the last time the county was hit by a severe hail storm overnight was in 1995, when 2-inch hail fell.”

The overnight hailstorm caused a massive damage to thousands of houses and properties in El Paso County. Through this, roofers and auto repair shops both find it hard to catch up due the number of clients needing their service.

NWS meteorologist Steve Hodanish told Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) Digest, “It was a historic event, considering the time of day. It was a lot of damage. This will be a rather expensive event.”

Twitter user even vented out his thoughts about the storm by adding a little humor about the hailstorm incident that happened.

Observe how the hails smashed the properties with its size. It was extremely the worst thing that happened overnight as tweeted by Weather Nation.

Matt Meister, a meteorologist at Fox News, shared photos of Hailstorms in different sizes that battered almost every property in Colorado Springs.

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