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What To Do After A Hail Storm?

What To Do After A Hail Storm?

After a hailstorm, the easiest way to know if you have potential roof damage is to see if your gutters have large dents and cracks

After a hailstorm, the easiest way to know if you have potential roof damage is to see if your gutters have large dents and cracks. You should immediately call a professional roof contractor if you see these. Yes. A roofing contractor first and not your insurance company. Because roofers will always be on your side and not your insurance company. For a detailed discussion on the reasons why, check out this related article.

This video by Denver 7 shows the devastating effects of a hail storm and gives practical tips on what to do.
Large hail can cause the granules on the shingles to become loose or fall off. And if the hail is big enough, it can break the shingle itself. Also, the loose granules may collect in your gutters and downspouts resulting to clogs. Some homeowners, may try to climb the roof themselves to inspect but it is not advisable as it is dangerous. Best to leave it to the professionals who do it on a regular basis.

Insurance companies usually give homeowners a year to file a claim. But the longer the homeowner waits, problems may come up. It is best to file a claim at the soonest time possible to avoid any delays because the time lapse between the storm and the report can cause insurance companies to deny a claim. And if you do have hail damage, it could develop into leaks, that may cause more damage to the interior of your home. Most roofing contractors give free inspections so make sure to have them check your house first to confirm if you do have enough damage before contacting your insurance company. Most roofers will help you every step of the way when you’re ready to file a claim.

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