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Roof Maintenance Checklist

Roof Maintenance Checklist

Your roof is your house’s main defense against the elements. But it also has its weak points and if you’re not aware of them and don’t take care of it, you may end up losing money unnecessarily. Here are some things you need to avoid to make sure your roof is in good shape.

Your roof is your house’s main defense against the elements. But it also has its weak points and if you’re not aware of them and don’t take care of it, you may end up losing money unnecessarily. Here are some things you need to avoid to make sure your roof is in good shape.


Leaks are the most common roof problems. It can occur because the roof is old or because of poor installation. The areas between the roof and the chimney where flashing is applied are the most common places where leaks start. When the roof is installed discuss with your roofer and ask him to be sure that t the membrane is adequate and the seams are solid.

Leaks are the number one roofing disaster, whether it’s in a new and poorly-installed roof or an older roof. Leaks happen at joints, such as the area between the roof and the chimney. Leaks can also happen in areas where roofers use flashing to provide a seal where a chimney or a vent comes up through the roof line. When your roof is installed, make sure that the membrane is adequate and that the seams are solid

Water build-up

Water that stays in one place is what quickly degrades roofs. It doesn’t matter if a roof is flat or with a very steep slope. All roofs should be designed to avoid water sitting or ponding in in one place. Roofs must be installed with a slight taper to avoid water pooling and design should also consider blow offs that can affect water movement  on the roof. Drains should be regularly checked as well to ensure that water goes to the ground.

Blow Offs

Blow offs can be avoided by paying attention to important areas of your roof. When a roof is being installedlook at the areas around the chimneys, pipes and things that penetrate the roof. Check areas where two sloped parts meet and make sure the shingles are not loose. Keep in mind that newly installed roofs shouldn’t be exposed to wind or rain until that have properly cured, or they may start to blow off.


As a roof gets old, it is more likely to degrade from the punishing weather. Damage can occur when hard objects such as tree branches hit your roof. Some hits instantly create cracks and some make small damages that may eventually get worse over time. Leaks will result from these small cracks that will cause damage on the inside. Be sure to check your roof annually especially in the south side where the sun can cause splitting. Ensure that water drains to the gutters and nothing gets under the shingles. Having a good gutter system is essential to make your roof last its lifetime.

Shrinking or Warping

When it’s time for your annual roof inspection, pay close attention for changes in your roof. Older roof shingles ,ay buckle, curl, or blister. Over the years, roofs shrink and warp. All of these re signs that your roof need major repairs before you encounter serious leaks. If not taken care of, it may you cost you more.

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