T-Lock Shingles on Your Home? It’s Time to Consider a Roof Replacement

By Andy Alvarez - September 23, 2020

Colorado is land to very uncertain and certain weather conditions. We pride ourselves on snowfall in September, where one day it can be as high as 83 degrees and as low as 27 the next. The Front Range experiences hot Summer weather with ever-promising thunderstorms that drop softball-size hail on homes and cars. Colorado is so entirely unique that homes began to style a specific shingle back in the early 1930s known as the T-Lock shingle. Popular then because of its functionality, the T- shaped shingle was originally produced to interlock and hold tight against high-winds. As of 2004-2005, the last manufacturer Tamko, has since then halted all efforts to produce the T-lock shingle - as it no longer proves to be efficient. Masterpiece Roofing is here to educate and give you a few options if/when Colorado homeowners encounter the discontinued, T-Lock shingle. 

The Mile High city and its surrounding areas saw a transition away from the T-lock shingle in 1980. T-lock shingles were intended to withstand high winds because of the thickness in its asphalt content. However, as the price for asphalt rose, manufacturers became quite frugal with its production and found alternative fillers to get the job done. T-lock shingles are now far less effective against hail & wind damage that our professional roofing company urges Denver residents to replace their roof now, before another major storm. Even the most minor damage warrants an entire roof replacement because of the discontinued shingle. 

Masterpiece Roofing educates first-time homeowners, real estate professionals, HOAs, and sellers on the need to turnover their t-lock shingle roofs because of how flexible insurance companies are currently. Insurance companies view t-lock shingle roofs as a great risk, and soon will not be able to ensure homeowners with a proper policy. When considering an insurance company and their offered policies, negotiate. Do not accept a policy that is designated as Actual Cash Value (ACV). An Actual Cash Value policy permits the insurance company to fund the damages at the cash value from the date of its original installation. For example, Denver area homeowners will only receive payment on the cost of a roof replacement from 1970 if they currently pay for an ACV policy. It should also be noted that if an insurance company does insure your property, it could lead to an extremely high deductible. Colorado homeowners pay thousands of dollars to insure their homes and should not be left to pay the majority out-of-pocket. 

In the year 2020, Colorado saw an unusual change to weather. CBS Denver reported:

On average, the state gets 90 reports each year of wind from thunderstorms reaching 60 mph or stronger. So far this year, the total is more than twice the average with 151 severe wind reports. The vast majority of these reports occurred on a single day. On June 6, 2020 an unusual “derecho” wind event crossed Colorado and caused 91 reports of wind reaching at least 60 mph. There were also 17 reports of wind reaching at least 75 mph. Both of these counts set new daily records for the state. (CBS Denver)

Masterpiece Roofing recommends you reach out to your insurance company/agent in terms of wind damage in Denver and the surrounding areas. Depicted below is just an example as to what a damaged t-lock shingle can look like after a severe windstorm. Areas affected by the windstorm of June 26th were: Denver, Aurora, Commerce City, Littleton, Arvada, Lakewood, and Westminster. Voted the Best Roofing Contractor in 2019, Masterpiece Roofing can assess the damages to your property and advocate on your behalf against tricky insurance companies. 

Insurance companies will soon begin to depreciate the value of t-lock shingles in Northern Colorado, Denver Metropolitan area, and Colorado Springs. Neglect to your home’s exterior will be much more costly and difficult to negotiate when filing storm damage claims. Call Masterpiece Roofing for a free annual roof inspection today! Homeowners are intimidated by insurance companies, and feel like they should settle for what insurance is attempting to low ball them for. As a roofing contractor, we will conduct a free roof inspection, call in your home insurance claim, & meet your adjuster to advocate for your damages. The insurance company will provide the homeowner with an estimate the adjuster created based on the damages. Our insurance analyst will study the estimate and supplement for coverages not listed - in order to build up-to city code. Clients can expect a speedy material drop and installation with proper and detailed clean-up. Once the work is completed, our office will invoice the insurance company on the homeowner’s behalf. Final payment will be requested by the homeowner, and we will ask for a recommended review. 

Masterpiece Roofing offers its services to homeowners, real estate professionals, commercial property owners, property managers, and business developers. When considering options replacing your T-lock shingle, take a few things into consideration. T-Lock shingles are no longer in production as of 2004-2005. Quality of t-lock shingles were exceptional early on in its productions for the high asphalt content that withstood Colorado high-winds. Insurance companies are much more willing to replace these roof systems, however they soon will recognize the depreciation of the roof and the high risk they impose on insured dwellings. Homeowners in the Greater Denver Metro area should negotiate a policy with a reasonable deductible and coverage that will honor the value - in real time. After the Colorado “Derecho” windstorm of June 2020, homes around the surrounding Denver area have noticed many missing shingles. File a storm damage claim on your property; neglecting the repairs on your home’s exterior will give your insurance company a reason to cancel your policy. Give Masterpiece Roofing a Call at (720) 242-6404 or visit us at www.MasterpieceRoofing.com. We offer same-day inspections, emergency repairs, and free estimates. Masterpiece Roofing was named the 2019 Denver’s Best Roofing Contractor. We look forward to turning your home into a Masterpiece!

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