Here’s Why This is The Best Time of the Year to Paint Your Home in Colorado

By Andy Alvarez - September 1, 2020

Colorado residents have undergone an interesting hail season - and that’s mainly because the Centennial state saw no severe weather damage. Homeowners typically halt their home improvement plans during the Summer in fear that their renovations might suffer storm damage. Well, September has arrived & temperatures have started to fluctuate as we get ready for the breezy Autumn season.  During this brief window of time, Masterpiece Roofing has outlined a few recommendations as to why Homeowners in Colorado should consider painting their home’s exterior. The aesthetic appeal that your freshly coated home will exude, will most likely cause you to be the envy of your neighbors. Now, let's get started!

Autumn Weather in Colorado is Perfect for Exterior Painting

Like most Colorado residents, many homeowners are from out-of-state, and not being familiar with weather conditions can lead to serious paint blistering. “The average high temperatures in early fall are in the warm 70°F (21.1°C) to 80°F (26.7°C) range, and the average low temperatures are in the mild 40°F (4.4°C) to 50°F (10°C) range” (Weather Atlas). With November being the cutoff month for exterior painting. The mild fluctuations on high and low weather temperatures allows paint contractors like Masterpiece Roofing to properly apply Sherwin Williams paint & produce the best possible results. Colorado is notorious for being exceptionally dry. Too much wind can cause paint to dry too quickly, while too much moisture in acrylic and latex paint prevents proper evaporation - causing paint lifting, disadhesion, and failure. Don’t compromise on performance for being misinformed. 

          Quality Paint and Workmanship for an Affordable Price 

An exterior paint job sounds great and all, but you do not know if you can afford it? Let’s figure out a few scenarios just to start with. 1.The neighborhood is flooded with roofing company signs after a major storm, or our professional roofing company found your area. Masterpiece Roofing will document the storm related damages and request that your insurance company pay for you to receive an exterior paint job. 2. Looking to refinance your home, or finance a loan for a home improvement project? As a paint contractor in the Greater Denver metro area, we know that the city and state are slowly easing back into normal life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We adopted a partnership with Foundation Financing to make financing that exterior paint job readily available with low monthly payments and low interests rates. 

Lastly, let one of our Project Managers conduct a free paint estimate, they will relay their results along with a plan of action. You then can set forth a budget, & call us when you are ready to turn your home into a Masterpiece! 

 Exterior Painting in the Mile High City 

Colorado hosts some of the most gorgeous homes in the country. Masterpiece Roofing provides each homeowner with an hour long consultation with a professional exterior color designer to make sure your home stands out above the rest. Once a decision on the color has been made. Our painters pressure wash the entire exterior of your property prior to delivering materials. All cracks, windows, and doors will receive protection from further damage by being caulked. Our professional painting company spot seals water damaged areas or exposed wood. Stain blocker in areas prone to bleeding, drop cloths, and masking where needed are areas that most contractors fail to pay attention to, Masterpiece Roofing does. 

After that, we apply a heavy coat of the best paint for exterior painting, Sherwin Williams, which holds a lifetime warranty. A detailed clean-up takes place, including all debris to be hauled away. Our company will do a final walk through of approval, & presto - we turned your home into a Masterpiece!

When seeking a painting company near you, consider a professional company in Colorado that will not only educate you, but provide you with options on a critical decision you will be making towards your home investment. Masterpiece Roofing was voted the 2019 Denver’s Best - Roofing Contractor.

 Give Us a Call at (720) 242-6404 and Let Us Turn Your Home Into A Masterpiece!

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