Company Overview

After 10 years of service to the Greater Denver Metro area, it is our passion to maintain the highest level of integrity, quality of service, and uphold 5 years of workmanship warranty as an oath of loyalty to our clients.

CEO Rex Corley

From the granules of the hundreds of homes devastated by Colorado hail storms in 2009, sprouted Masterpiece Roofing and Painting. What started as a business venture, has vastly transformed into a genuine passion to restore families and individuals homes to its optimum aesthetic value through the battle with the intimidating insurance claim process.  Almost 10 seasons later Rex “The Roofer” Corley, as many now know him in the Great state of Colorado; has transformed his professional roofing company into a haven for veterans, insurance claim professionals, and project managers alike. It is the vision of CEO Rex Corley and the Masterpiece team to hire and train a team of professionals ready to educate and go to bat for their homeowners - we cannot wait to transform Colorado’s homes into a Masterpiece. 


A Heritage of Roofing Excellence

With over 20 years of experience, Masterpiece Roofing and Painting, is a home improvement company that serves Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas. Headed by our CEO, Rex Corley, our team is made up of reliable home improvement experts in roofing, painting, gutters, siding, windows, and doors. Our company has been featured as best roofer several times on Denver Channel 2’s TV program, Colorado’s Best.

The company specializes in all types of roofing and painting work. From residential and commercial roof replacements, interior and exterior residential and commercial painting, and almost every home improvement work, we will get the job done. We are also experts in insurance claims processing.

Company culture

Not many roofing companies focus on their company culture, or their staff's individual growth.

We do.

That is why we've been awarded Denver's Best Roofing Contractor. 


 John Bergeron, local Ironman

here to speak on what it took to become a Champion. 

We asked John, "Self-talk is a real important part of any Champion, period. What do you tell yourself inside your head?"

John Bergeron: "Even when you're fighting that wind for 40 miles, there is NEVER a thought of quitting. No matter how hard the trek is."

Now here's a thought for you all: What are you actively doing to become a Champion?

- Visualize your hiccups, and prepare for how you handle it. Then keep pushing forward.